Solar and Renewable Energy Representation

Solar Energy installations are taking place in New Jersey at a rate and volume that is the highest in the nation. In addition to the significant federal tax incentives, home and business owners can also take advantage of legal and financial incentives afforded by the State government.

Since founding his own legal practice, John Coughlin has leveraged his business law experience to navigate through the growing body of law that is controlling and stimulating the growth of renewable energy, specifically solar power. In this emerging field, New Jersey is a leading force in making certain qualifications more appealing and advantageous for businesses and consumers to install solar arrays. This exciting legal environment is also inspiring unique new business models and transactions that have never been seen before in any industry.

Mr. Coughlin can assist with every aspect related to installation, sale and operation of a solar energy panel business.

Full-Service Solar Power Legal Services

John Coughlin has experience in the various legal issues and services to solar energy installation, use and business operation:

  • Regulatory and legislative changes on the State and Federal level regarding economic incentives
  • Application for solar renewable energy credits (SREC)
  • Business formation requirements for startup solar installation and provider companies
  • Assisting with helping startups achieve capital and financing for the new business entity
  • Negotiating and drafting power purchase agreements (PPA)
  • Land use and zoning issues, including easements for utility providers
  • Drafting energy leases, warranties, non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements for services and products
  • Defending companies, contractors and engineers accused of improper installation
  • Litigating business disputes, breach of contract claims
  • Educating consumers about the solar power devices and products they are buying, the total costs and savings, including how this energy will supplement their PSE&G bill

Solar Power — Energy of the Future, Take Steps to Harness it Today

As the world looks to new green sources of alternative energy, Mr. Coughlin is a one-stop resource for all legal issues and needs related to the field of solar power. He can counsel you about the benefits and risks of starting a solar power business, becoming a contractor who installs panels, or as a consumer looking to supplement your power needs with solar energy units.

His knowledge of business law and his litigation experience can help ensure that you are protected and receive skilled representation from starting a business to any operational needs you have or if a dispute develops that requires proactive defense. Attorney Coughlin also represents plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury lawsuits who have been accused of causing injury due to improper installations or have suffered damages due to faulty work.